If you are interested in buying real estate in Cartagena I encourage you to surf through this website with detainment. We strive in providing complete information of the properties listed to make your search easy and comfortable and prompt you to schedule a viewing of a property. In general the published prices are negotiable except for projects pre or under construction.

You could do your search using the Find your Property module in the home page or by zones or using the interactive map.

Please email us your requirements specifiyng: budget, location, size, number of bedrooms and we will advise you.

Buyer's Guide

First Step – Budget

The prospect buyer must know and estate how much money or preaproved credit has available to invest.

Second Step – Preferences

Location, location, location are three most important factors when buying a property. You must have a clear notion of the different zones of Cartagena. Also important is the use you want the property for, please tell us if you are looking for a residential, vacation rental, commercial so that we guide you to the right property.

Third Step – Selection

Having stated the previous steps we will help you choose from our listings the properties that best suit your requirements.

Fourth Step - Viewing

We must set up appointments for viewing of the properties, sometimes we depend on third parties with the keys. There are no key boxes in Cartagena. Normally we will pick you up in your place and drive you in our cars. A conversation over Juan Valdez coffee may arise.

Fifth Step – Make your Offer

Having made your choice and defined your financials, make your offer which must have a money amout and terms of payment. We will present it to the owner and advocate for a balance in price. Please consider any respectable offer within 5% less than the asking price.

Sixth Step – The Closing

After an agreement is reached, we do a title study and verify all the legal aspects are in order and good for recording the property under your name. Usually, we draft a contract and the contracting parties sign and are committed: one to pay and the other to deliver the property. Our job is to garantee each party what corresponds. We do all the paralegal, notary, accounting and recording leg work.


If you are an owner interested in selling, we help you in the promotion and sale for 3% commission. We visit your property, take the photos, and if you request, we give you a realizable sell price recommendation. We require agility and ease to show the property when necessary and that we be informed of any changes in a timely manner. Please contact us.

On the day of the visit to your property we require that it be neat and orderly to be able to take photos that can be published on the web.

We expect total sincerity in expressing the legal status of the titles and in some cases we request that you provide us with a title certificate, and copies of the deeds, in order to know in advance the possible difficulties to find solutions.

Telephone Consultations

People often call me wanting to hear my opinion on the price and generalities of X property that is not in my listings. Clearly they are looking for my  expert word to help them make a business decision about the trade where I have no benefit.

If this is your case, please value my time and my occupation. Please deposit $ 100,000 COP in my Bancolombia savings account # 50457624576 previously and I will dedicate to you up to 30 minutes of my time on the phone.