Privacy Policies

Terms of Use and Privacy Policies
In compliance with Colombian Law 1581 of 2012, Paul Juan Realty states this data management policy:
  1. Paul Juan Realty Does not make any special database management with personal or sensitive information that is received from prospective buyers or from selling owners.
  2. All data are kept confidential and are not disclosed, neither sold and nor transferred to third parties for any reason.
  3. A history of all the emails received is kept, which could be used personally for an eventual offer of some property that is within the same line of parameters similar to the original request of the client. So, it is possible that a customer receives an unsolicited email offering some property that resembles their initial request.
  4. Newsletter: is a group of email addresses whose owners have freely and voluntarily requested to be included in it, to receive periodic information on developments in the real estate market, especially new listings and publications with positive news from the real estate market and of the economy in Cartagena and Colombia. Subscribers to this Hot List are sent a bulk message in Blind Carbon Copy or BCC in the recipient field, so it is not known among them who receives it. Requests to be deleted from the Hot List are executed without any inquiry as to why you decide to leave it. People who have not requested it are not included in the Newsletter.
  5. No Spam: Except for the cases mentioned in the previous items 3 and 4 Paul Juan Realty will not send unsolicited mass email, will not buy databases, or hire third parties for that purpose.
  6. Person Responsible for data processing: Paul G. Juan Bustamante. Email: