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Why Real Estate?

The foundation of all wealth is land. The professional real estate salesperson promotes and sells realty owned by others, and therefore the “cost of inventory” is ZERO!

The Basic Needs of Life are: Air, Water, Food, Shelter and Clothing. Most real estate sales fulfill a BASIC NEED. Selling real estate can be fun, easy and very profitable, but only if you have an open mind to new ideas, are organized, honest, and eager to work smart.

Selling Real Estate means your income is based on commissions. Your earnings are UNLIMITED. Your earnings are up to you. With a salary job your income is limited, plus, you can quickly be replaced by a family member, or "friend" of the owner!

Real estate sales is one of the few professions in which women do not work under a "glass ceiling" regarding their earnings potential. In fact, in the United States, women who sell homes and apartments, usually will outsell the men! Why? The short answers are that women know what appeals to other women, better than men, and women Buyer's have a big influence on their men partners: "buying decision".

In life, you get out, what you put in.

Our Past History

Our parent corporation is Waterfront Realty, Inc. (WRI) headquartered in Florida, with modest offices in Fort Myers, Fl., Miami Fl., Merida, Venezuela and Cartagena, Colombia. WRI has been in continuous operation for more than twenty years. The Broker of Record, James Bone, has been involved in real estate development and sales for more than 35 years.

Our Cartagena Colombia sales effort began in July 2003, and is owned and managed by Paul Juan, of Paul Juan Realty. Paul is a third generation Cartagenero, in his late thirties, with a lovely wife and two young children. Paul earned his Computer Sciences degree from L.S.U. in the states, and speaks excellent English. He works hard, and has successfully studied and adopted many of the real estate principals practiced in the U. S. Paul understands and practices “full disclosure” to all parties involved, prompt communications (principally using E-Mail), and perhaps most important:, the value of his time. Paul's main “office” is VIRTUAL, on the Internet at:, and Paul's small but efficient "bricks and mortar" office is an air-conditioned, five square meter, enclosed balcony, on the sixth floor, overlooking the ocean, and contains three PC work stations. The apartment living room is used for client gatherings.

Checkout both the English and Spanish versions of Paul's Home Pages. You will quickly notice major differences as compared with other real estate Home Pages in Colombia. Our Home Page format was first designed in English to emulate successful U. S. realty Home Pages. Continuous refinements, plus extensive use of FACTS, including PRICES, floor plans, maps, buyer's info., complete descriptions, and hundreds of PHOTOS, turns lookers, from Colombia and around the world, into customers that are ready to buy!

Home Pages are updated by the webmaster, who averages about 5 hours a day working on the Home Pages. Paul checks and responds to his E-Mail three times a day, morning, noon and night, except Sundays. Paul is continually learning how to be more effective in the use of time-his most valuable asset. However, it's not all work. He makes time for family and friends, plus his favorite sport-wind surfing, and following Juan Pablo Montoya, the Colombian F-1 champion driver. About sixty percent of Paul's time is showing properties and gathering information, including taking digital photos of new "listings". The remaining 40% is: office time, daily lunch with his family, and on windy days, an hour or so on his windsurfer.

Our Present Results

Both the Spanish and English Home Pages are receiving exceptionally high, and growing numbers of “hits” and more importantly, unique visitors. Paul credits this interest directly to the user friendly Gringo design and extensive content of the Home Pages which present the MAXIMUM NUMBER of PROPERTIES in a MINIMUM AMOUNT of TIME, to a MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PROSPECTS. Success in selling real estate is all about numbers.


In business, results are normally expressed quantitatively. Promoting real estate internationally, with Home Pages that are correctly designed, programmed, and regularly promoted to the world's major Search Engines, is the answer! For maximum results with a minimum investment, we believe it is the ONLY answer. Check out these independently created graphs...


Do not concern yourself, or be intimidated by other real estate companies or developers. When you are beginning, many will pass you off as not being "serious" because you do not have a prestigious office and lots of employees, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, because they do not understand the proven concept of promoting real estate on the Internet. However, after your first few months of good sales, they will take notice! This is normal. Our experience has shown that most established businesses are resistant to change. They have difficulty in adapting to new methods, including: promotion.

It does not matter if new methods are proven effective in other countries, or even a "winner" in Cartagena, Colombia - because most will respond with authority: "it will not work here!". Such people are ignorant. They are timid and afraid to learn something new. If so, they lack confidence in themselves, or perhaps it's as simple as: they "just can't handle the truth"? What ever the reason, the bottom line is that they feel: “comfortable in their ways” and for this reason, we are not interested in offering a Franchise to persons with past real estate experience.

To un-learn old ideas is a waste of precious TIME, and continually fights acceptance of LEARNING NEW IDEAS!

We love competition, and sincerely hope, that Colombia's companies will learn to become more internationally competitive. Our current evolution of incorporating proven business and marketing ideas is not working. We take one step forward, while many of our international competitors take two, as we continue to fall further behind the advancing world. You, as a single individual, have the power to turn this fact into a personal advantage. Locally, you have no real competition! While your real estate competition continues to put signs in windows, you will quickly learn how to promote Medellin real estate to the entire world, on The Internet! You have the very real potential to become a one-person leader in advancing the economy of Medellin. Promoting the great City of Medellin and Medellin real estate on The Internet is good for our economy. Good for buyers and sellers. Good for other real estate professionals. AND ultimately, good for everybody in Medellin AND Colombia!

Currently, on the Internet, you can find information on a minimum of 1,300,000 properties for sale in the U.S. Virtual Realty on the Internet works! Clients have told us: "On Paul's Home Pages we can find more properties with more photos, and more good and detailed information than can be found on the Home Pages of all other Colombia real estate companies-combined".

Virtual Realty works!

NOTE: Paul will provide his income and expense figures to qualified Franchise applicants.

What About The Real Estate "Bubble"?

The real estate bubble bursts when supply over-exceeds demand. Real estate sales, in most areas of the world, are cyclical, and bubble bursting is a common cyclical occurrence.

Currently all of the major cities in Colombia are undergoing a building boom. Many "old time" Colombian's who work in real estate related professions believe we may setting ourselves up for the Colombia real estate bubble to "burst". In our opinion, if certain marketing adjustments are not made, they could be right!

Over-building in Colombia's cities will be a regional occurrence. Some areas will prosper, as others slow down, or even regress. Our Franchise concept, where each city franchise holder also owns a piece of the National Franchise Company smoothes out the economic bumps that negatively effect regional areas.

If the stability and personal safety of Colombia were to degrade, the bubble could easily burst, leading to grave economic problems and adjustments for all who live and do business in Colombia. If, on the other hand, the Colombia economy continues to improve, as many believe, the real estate bubble will not effect those who understand a few basics on marketing to the new world economy. Like it or not, Colombia is a growing and integral part of the world economy!

International real estate promotion is a multi BILLION dollar industry. Promoting real estate to the Colombia/Hispanic market, AND to the world-wide English speaking market, is the most cost effective investment we can make toward improving our Colombia economy, and in particular, the success of our real estate related businesses.

The economies of some of the most prosperous States such as: Florida, Arizona, or California, have escaped past real estate bubbles which widely occurred and burst in other states and regions of the U.S. These states have enjoyed continual prosperity over many generations because a large migration of retirees continually moves to these states. Colombia can take advantage of this simple economic lesson. With continual retiree demand for Colombia real estate, the chances of a "bubble bursting" will be held to a minimum!

Now, and during the next 25 years there will be more than 76,000,000 U.S."baby boomers" retiring. Most will be flocking to the above mentioned states to retire. BUT, many will not follow the crowd. Instead, they will be looking for better, and less expensive retirement alternatives.

Welcome To Colombia! Where costs are 60-70% LESS than stateside. Where the people are hard working, educated, and friendly. Where the culture is conducive to personal relaxation and a high degree of life-style retirement enjoyment. Where medical/dental and hospital services are among the best in South and Central America.

We must capture our share of this huge retirement investor market! NEW MONEY is the answer for a prosperous national economy. NEW MONEY, not just re-circulating Pesos, will provide a continual increase in life's options and incomes for ALL Colombians.

When foreign retirees spend much of their life's savings living and enjoying their lives in beautiful Colombia they are a POSITIVE FORCE for all Colombian's and our nations economy. Our national, district, and city governments spend very little money when foreign retirees live in Colombia. Retirees do not need to be schooled, and very few cause legal, drug or domestic related problems. WHAT THEY DO IS SPEND THEIR DOLLARS HERE IN COLOMBIA!

Obviously, the Colombia government must improve VISA LAWS to attract retirees and investors, but other countries have done it, and still more are doing it right now. We can join them, so Colombia will receive our fair share of the world economy.

Real estate related businesses which do not have staff and employees who speak English, will NOT fully participate in the world economy, and the financial boom ahead.

We are convinced that our National Real Estate Franchise concept offers the greatest opportunity for success and continued prosperity. Come join with us. The choice is yours!

Do You Qualify For a Franchise?

Your chances of success in real estate sales will be increased if you:

1. Speak and understand English. A high percentage of your sales will be with English speaking clients.

2. Have a sales (non real estate) background, are patient, want to learn and eager to work for your success.

3. Are comfortable with the operation of a: PC, scanner, printer and digital camera.

4. Have a burning desire to become independent and financially comfortable. Equally important, when you have the funds, you should understand, AND believe, that you have a moral obligation to “give back” to the community you serve.

Your Future Results

Will depend on your ability to follow THE FRANCHISE PLAN.

THE PLAN works. For Paul Juan, it is paying BIG DIVIDENDS. What about you?

Are You The "Right Person"?

Read and re-read this offer. Study Paul Juan's Home Pages. Evaluate your strengths, weaknesses and determination to learn, to work, and to succeed. We are so confident that our Franchise Plan can contribute to your personal success, that we provide this information openly. We know from experience, that some may attempt to copy THE PLAN. We even wish them luck. Why? We know that they will not come close to achieving the success of a Licensed Franchise Holder.

Your Investment - Our Obligation

If you are selected to hold your areas Franchise, we will do the following:

1. Design, construct and promote the initial Home Pages, in both English and Spanish. This has a value of approximately Pesos 6.500.000.

2. Acquire the domains and hosting, PLUS promote the Home Pages on a daily basis to the top 200 International Search Engines. This has a annual value that is in-calculable, and is the KEY to success of all Home Pages on the Internet.

3. Visit with you in your city. Acquire an overview of real estate areas of activity. Take hundreds of digital photos which are the foundation of our real estate Home Pages. Additionally we will acquire information, photos and text which will present positive benefits of moving to, or investing in your city. This will in effect, be a mini-portal that brings many more visitors to your real estate Home Pages. Time required is normally a minimum of one seventy hour week. This has a minimum value of approximately Pesos 3.500.000.

4. Provide the Franchise holder with continual support regarding procedural and operational changes that we have tested, and confirmed, to provide positive and profitable results.

5. Provide initial training, for up to one week, in our Cartagena office, of your partner or employee, who will function as a webmaster/secretary. Initially, this person need be your only employee. During this same time frame, you, the Franchise holder can also work directly with Paul Juan. Once we have established your Home Pages, it will be the responsibility of your webmaster/secretary to keep them current, which means daily changes and updates! This hands on training in Cartagena has a value, which in our opinion, is in-calculable.

One time Franchise Set-Up Fee

Monthly Franchise Fees

Franchise Transfer Fee

A non refundable, One time Franchise Set-Up Fee of $1,000. u.s. is payable as follows:

1. One half ($500.00 u.s.) upon acceptance

2. One quarter ($250.00 u.s.) with completion of Franchise area Home Pages

3. Remaining quarter ($250.00 u.s.) at the beginning of your hands-on training in Cartagena.

Monthly Franchise Fees are based on Commissions actually received by you, during the past calendar month. The first business day of each month the Franchise holder provides, via E-Mail, an Activity Report showing total sales activity and commissions collected for the previous month. Twenty-five percent (25%) of all collected commissions will be deposited in our Cartagena bank account. NOTE: The monthly Franchise Fee is much less than owner's of conventional Colombia real estate companies typically pay in monthly expenses to maintain large offices, employees, utilities, advertising, etc. etc., in what we have proved is totally unnecessary, and a waste of time and money!

Franchise Home Pages within all Franchise areas will cross-promote each other's Franchise. There are no referral fees between Franchise locations. This zero fee approach minimizes promotion expense, bookkeeping, saves time and will prove to be a valuable promotional tool. Additionally we will establish and maintain three Colombia "umbrella" Home Pages (two in Spanish, the other in English) to promote each of the Franchise Home Page operations.

The value of your Franchise will naturally increase with your income. You can sell your Franchise to any person or persons who are equally as qualified as you were upon our acceptance of you as a Liscensed Franchise Holder. The Franchise Transfer Fee is 25% of the total sales price you have collected plus 25% in cash, of any and all terms you may may have extended to the new Franchise. The proposed Transfer of any Franchise must have the written PRE APPROVAL of Paul Juan. An important condition of the transfer to the new Franchise Holder is that the current Franchise Holder assist the new Franchise Holder for a minimum period of one month following the sale.

Our Right To Terminate Your Franchise is based soly on your results which we feel are predicated on your ability to follow The Plan. You will quickly know if you're having problems... share them with us and we stand ready to offer guidance leading toward your success.

We Prosper As a Team

When YOU succeed, WE succeed.

For an appointment, to ask questions, or pass along comments please contact:

Disclaimer: Franchise offer, as stated above, is subject to change. Revisions of this offer will be available on this website.
NOTE: The above is Revision #1, to see the original offer click here.

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