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Paul is always happy to recognize the Internet presence and Commission Referral opportunities in working with other real estate professionals, including those in: Cartagena, Colombia and throughout the international realty community.


Free LINKS between websites of other real estate companies and developers, and the websites of Paul are a WIN WIN event with very little effort or expense involved. Reciprocal LINKS help participating websites achieve a higher Page Rank and improved Search Results leading to higher daily visitor counts PLUS increased and more frequent real estate commissions! It’s a proven fact that properties sell faster, and for more money, when they are properly promoted to the greatest number of qualified Buyers’s. With every passing day, the "stats" are proving that the Net is the principal promotional tool which offers the BEST RESULTS at the LOWEST possible COST to the world-wide realty industry.

Paul’s websites contain TOTAL PROPERTY INFORMATION, including PRICES AND over a thousand high quality PHOTOGRAPHS. Websites are updated DAILY, and appear in TWO (Spanish and English) LANGUAGES. If your website(s) offer more, are comparable, or your working toward the goal of improved Net presence, Paul will be happy to exchange Reciprocal LINKS.

To start things rolling, just send Paul your URL.


If your realty or development company is located in a country(s) where licensing is legally required please send Paul your license numbers and information as to how they can be verified on the Internet. Currently, realty licensing in Colombia is NOT offered by the government. Once Paul can confirm that you are a PROFESSIONAL, or in the case of countries such as Colombia, OPENLY OPERATING AS A PROFESSIONAL, Paul will be happy to offer reciprocal referral fees based on the closing price as received by Paul Juan Realty. Commissions vary widely depending on local custom-from 8% to 3% on residential properties, etc. Currently, the normal total sales commission for residential properties in Colombia is 3%. As in many countries, commission rates are negotiable, but the norm here is 3%. If it turns out to be different, Paul will disclose the actual commissions paid to all parties involved in the sale.

Paul offers professional realty personal or their Brokers, 20% of the total commission received by Paul, at time of closing. The Referral Fees are usually in the hands of the qualified referrer within 10 days of closing. Fees are sent via our U.S. bank, inter bank transfers, or recognized commercial money exchange/transfer companies.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Paul Juan will not accept representation, commissions or referral fees from Buyers, Sellers or Agents when monies involved are from illegal sources, illegal gains or non reported (taxable) funds. If monies intended to be transferred into Colombia, for the purchase of realty, cannot be verified as to the legal source of the funds, please do not consider working with Paul Juan.

To start things rolling, just send Paul your website URL, plus the Referral commission percentage you are offering. If you are a licensed Agent please include your License Number and that of your Broker. If you are a licensed Broker, include your License Number.

Thanks, from Paul Juan.

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