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Hi! My name is Paul Juan, a third generation Cartagenero, Lebanese descendant, married to my beautiful Adelayda. We have two great kids: Ilan and Alejandra.

I took my Computer Engineering degree from LSU (Lousiana State University) in '90. English speaking people who meet me for the first time say: "you LOOK, and TALK, like a Gringo", and after they get to know me, they say: "you even THINK like a Gringo". That's a nice compliment, but don't get me wrong. I'm a proud Colombian who truly loves this great city on the Caribbean. My Real Estate Home Pages will show you why!

FIRST, LET ME SAY: "THANKS!" I am immensely grateful to all who have shown me their trust, and continue to do business with me. This picture of my family was taken in July/2015 on the High Line in New York City. We had an unforgettable vacation. Thank you!

Initially, my partner James Bone and I worked hard at marketing The Guide To Cartagena We soon discovered a need for establishing a good Real Estate Portal based on our "Guide" policy of FULL DISCLOSURE, where we don't hold any information back. The results is that realty Buyer's AND Seller's tell us that they feel very comfortable when doing business with us.

James, Rosa and I, started developing and Shortly after the site was up I started marking sales. Within three months we closed a large and important international deal. A Cartagenero friend who teaches at NYU, gave me the current Home Page design. Rosa developed the powerful data base, and maintains the website, often with 3-5 daily updates! James, with 28 years as a licensed Florida Broker, is always thinking of business strategies and improvements. And as the principal owner, I am the field man who visits the properties and makes the deals.

I love my job where I meet interesting people from all over the world. I am responsible for my time and the promises I make. I've learned photography and really enjoy taking the photos that appear on the website. In Cartagena real estate sales, I've found something that I really enjoy-Thanks!

I'm a low key, just-the-facts, salesman. I won't call, Email or push you into a deal. I regard my mission as one of presenting reasonable options to both Buyer's and Seller's, leading to a comfortably arrival of their decision to Buy or Sell.

If you're a Buyer, please don't ask me to choose for you- between Properties A or B. The best approach is to List the Pro's and Con’s of each Property. From the List, your decision will become obvious. I try to make Buying and Selling: "A Fun, and Ultimately Profitable Experience-for BOTH Buyer’s and Seller's".

CartagenaInfo - The Guide To Cartagena, Colombia

If you value the complete and up-to-date information that I offer, please use my services. I will do all that is humanly possible to assure a safe and legally clean transaction. The 3% commission is normally paid for by the seller, at the time of closing. Other commission arrangements, with full agreement by both Buyer and Seller, can be arranged. When I receive the full 3% commission, I will also include (at no additional cost) the "legwork" involved in the Closing of the property as part of my Full Service.

A PERSONAL NOTE: In addition to being with family and friends, I enjoy windsurfing with fellow club members, (click here for a few photos of me getting beat up in 25-35 knot winds), jogging on the beach, singing in bars or karaoke with my wife and friends, plus spreading "the word" about beautiful Cartagena on the Caribbean. I'm also the co-owner, Sales Manager/Advisor of our cities Internet Portal-The Guide To Cartagena, Colombia. It's in Spanish and English. Have questions about Cartagena? Check it out at:

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