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If they look familiar, your right, as they are patterned after commission plans in the U.S.!

Common Commissions used by real estate professionals in Colombia are about one half of the percentages used in the U.S. For example: residential properties=3% total commission, farms and commercial properties=5% total commission.

SELLER’S AGENT: Commission is paid by SELLER. Commission normally totals 3% of the final sales price. Paul’s duty is to represent the SELLER in obtaining the best price and terms for the SELLER.

SUB AGENT: Paul Juan cooperates with ALL recognized real estate professionals, in Cartagena, Colombia and Internationally. The normal Colombian commission split between real estate companies is 50-50, or 1.5% commission payable to the agent securing the SELLER, and 1.5% commission payable to the agent securing the BUYER. If the SELLER pays the entire commission of 3%, both agents are considered agents of the SELLER, and are to do their best to represent the interests of the SELLER. The agent who secures the BUYER, when the entire commission is paid by the SELLER, is technically regarded as a SUB AGENT of the SELLER.

BUYER’S AGENT: Commission is paid by BUYER. Commission normally totals 3% of the final sales price. Paul’s duty is to represent the BUYER in obtaining the best price and terms for the BUYER.

The fact that the BUYER is paying the entire commission is conveyed to the SELLER, and usually the price is adjusted downward resulting in a sales price that often is the same, irregardless of who pays the commission.

INTERMEDIARY: Commission is SPLIT equally between BUYER AND SELLER. Commission for residential property normally totals 3% of the final sales price. When working as an Intermediary, Paul’s duty is to EQUALLY communicate the wishes of BOTH PARTIES-THE BUYER AND SELLER, to each other. The goal is to minimize conflicts of personality, to expedite the sale, concentrating on the mission at hand, obtaining a fair price that is acceptable to BOTH BUYER AND SELLER.

REFERRAL FEES: Paul Juan Realty is happy to pay recognized real estate professionals a Referral Fee for introducing qualified Buyer’s to Paul Juan Realty. Because our commission percentages are about one half of those paid in other countries, the Fee naturally is less than "normal". We will pay a Referral Fee of 25% of the total commission received by Paul Juan Realty. The Fee, is paid by corporate check when earned by U.S. or Canadian Brokers, and is drawn on our Bank of America Account. The Fee can also be paid by Western Union, with the WU fee split 50-50. Fees payable are paid in the name of the Real Estate Broker from where the referral originated. Register your referral clients by E-Mail. We promptly confirm all registrations.

The Commission Plan used and the peso amount of commission is detailed in the SALES CONTRACT which is signed by all parties: BUYER, SELLER, and real estate agents involved in the sale. TOTAL COMMISSIONS are due and payable at time of closing, in cash, or certified bank check.

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