Resident Visa

One way to obtain a resident visa in Colombia is by making a real estate investment.

You must first buy a property in Colombia for a value greater than or equal to 350 minimum wages (monthly legal current) which for the year 2022 is the sum of $1 million pesos, that is, in total the property must be worth no less than $ 350 million pesos; which translates into $81,300 USD (using 4300 pesos per dollar as exchange rate when this article was updated: August 30 2022).

The payment must be received in Colombian banks and entered with a declaration for foreign investment registration, commonly called Form 4.

Once the process of buying your property is completed and your name is duly registered as the new owner, you can present your investor visa application online before the Colombian Foreign Ministry or in person before a Colombian consulate outside the country. You must present proof of ownership of the property with a title certificate and a copy of form 4.

Once the visa is obtained, you can enter Colombia with an indefinite stay authorization for up to 5 years and you can process your colombian foreign cedula (ID) at the Colombian Immigration Office in order to open bank accounts, sign contracts with the mobile phone companies, insurance companies etc.

If you buy a property through me with the intention of obtaining a resident visa, I guarantee that I will do what is due to comply with the requirements of the visa.

Later you can aspire to become a Colombian citizen after five years of permanent residence in my beloved Colombia.

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