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Nicolás Pareja & Associates is my recommendation for those who need to hire lawyers for the acquisition of real estate or any other legal matter.

Its director: Nicolas Pareja is my brother of life, great friend, partner in struggles, bohemias, trips, etc. We have known each other since childhood in El Laguito and life re-united us when our children went to the same school.

Nicolás Pareja is a person of superlative human quality and impeccable ethical and professional condition, which make him a creditor of great prestige around the world and beyond.

They have English speaking lawyers.

Please visit: www.

Paul Juan

I'm a professional real estate entrepreneur in constant search of business opportunities, under win-win conditions. I work as an intermediary agent in real estate transactions in which I will build trust and confidence between. . .

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Property Tax
Mar 1, 2021    Paul Juan   

The property tax rate in Cartagena fluctuates between 0.1% and 3.3% of the current assesed value depending on the use of the property and strata where. . .

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