Cartagena Coastal Protection Project

This project is perhaps the most important public work in the tourist area of ​​Cartagena, whose main objectives are:

- Mitigate the effects of climate change

- Prevent the effects of rising sea levels

- Survival of the Cartagena territory

Breakwaters will be built in front of Santander Avenue in the historic area to keep the water away and lessen its strength, and jetties in Bocagrande to expand the beaches and prevent flooding in the streets caused by the high tides.

The benefits for the tourist area are evident: more and better recreational space, better roads and water control.

This great project will put Cartagena and its beaches at levels comparable to other major beach cities in the world such as Rio de Janeiro or Miami.

The national government through the UNGRD and the Mayor's Office of Cartagena will invest the sum of $45 million dollars to carry out this great work.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Works started December 14th 2021

For official information please visit:

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