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Another good reason for using public transportation is PICO y PLACA (P&P)

Now ask YOURSELF: “Can I find this TRANSPORTATION CONVENIENCE, on MY STREET, or on any other advanced country, in the WORLD”?


Another good reason for using public transportation, as opposed to having your "own car", is Pico y Placa, (Peak and Plate). Private vehicles, such as cars, vans, trucks, public taxis, and certain motos, must comply with the last digit of the license plate (placa). Vehicles with the certain last digit of their placas cannot be in use during designated (peak) days, and or certain times, of the week.

Ten years ago, Bogota was the first city to enact P&P.  The law was designed to reduce vehicle: congestion, pollution, accidents, fuel waste, time wasted, road rage, noise, etc.  Another advantage for P&P is that it increases the use of mass transportation. Colombian drivers favor the results of P&P, and now most major Colombian cities have enacted similar laws.

As the economy and population of Colombia continues to grow, vehicle ownership multiples along with studies resulting in changes of P&P.  Each fine levied against vehicle owners currently approximates $125.00 U.S., which here in Colombia is a lot of money.  Various cities report their annual P&P fines are in the thousands-a nice revenue source!

What are the disadvantages?

* Many business owners and workers argue that P&P forces them to change their work schedules.

* Owners of downtown parking garages complain that P&P reduces their income.

* Parents with cars complain their school age students have to use taxis.

* The loss of P&P days devalues the vehicle by 14%, or 1 day out of 7 cannot be used.

* Some with money, may buy an additional vehicle with a different last number plate.

COMMENTS BY THIS GRINGO AUTHOR: A major reason Colombians have accepted P&P is because they have a low cost, convenient, public transportation system.  Could this ever happen in the so-called “advanced countries”, i.e. the U.S.?.. jejejejeje… P&P would start an INSTANT REVOLUTION!
As one of four million ExPats, I love the U.S. interstate system.  I’m truly glad I traveled up and down the interstate....... at 25 cents a gallon!  "Things" sure have changed, and not always for the best!

As an interesting transportation side note: each and every 5 miles of interstate roads are straight for one mile!  President Eisenhower, a 5 star General, introduced the interstate system, which explains the 1 in 5 straight mile rule…they can be used as emergency aircraft landing strips.

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