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When you send me an E-Mail, I will see it immediately in by Blackberry, if the matter is urgent, I would answer right away; otherwise, I will answer as soon as I get back in front of a computer either in my office or at home. I’m also in Skype: paul_juan.

You can also send a free text message to my cell phone click here: And enter my cell phone number 57 311 660 2756.

Regarding E-mail requests for information please be as specific as you can. Please tell the me title name on the property you request more information of.  I will respond as soon as I have the information.

When you ask for: "my opinion", please understand, that many such requests cannot rightly be answered. Selecting realty is a very personal experience. YOU must SEE and YOU must EVALUATE what is right for YOU! What you like, may not appeal to me, and visa verse.

It is best to build a "history" of our E-Mail communications, rather than start a new E-Mail for each correspondence. Please hit REPLY, when you respond, and I will do the same. In this way, we will have a continuous running history of our communications.

In all of our dealings, I will do my very best to be honest with you. If I do not have the answer, or I am not sure, I will tell you. If I tell you I will do something, I will do it. I expect you to treat me in the same businesslike manner.



Yes, there are many differences between the Hispanic culture and what you may be used to. Having lived for many years, in both the United States, and in Cartagena, I am familiar, and comfortable with these differences. If I feel they could cause a misunderstanding, or a problem in our dealings with each other, with sellers, or others, I will let you know. No surprises!

You may ask me for information that only can be secured directly from the Seller. It is not always easy or fast to make such contacts, or to obtain certain information, as many Latinos are very secretive-it is our culture! Should a delay occur, I will inform you of the steps I am taking to obtain the information you need.

Thank you, Paul.

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