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Under Colombia Law, your right to: Buy, Own, Record, Sell, Rent, etc. real estate, and return the sale proceeds to your country of origin, is the same as if you were a Citizen of Colombia!  You can celebrate any formal notary act with your current passport.

In many ways, we are considered very progressive, and in others, our old colonial culture and charm are features of life, that many move here to savor and enjoy.

Can a foreign citizen buy property in Colombia?
Answer: Yes, no problem. Any non Colombian citizen can buy and own real estate in Colombia. The state will protect your private property rights.

Now it is easier and more comfortable for foreign buyers to invest in real estate in Colombia!

With the Instrucción Administrativa #4 of January 11 2006 the Superintendencia de Notariado y Registro clearly stated that any foreign citizen could legally act and sign in any notary document or public deed, with a current passport as valid form of identification.

The instruction concludes: 

“Thus,  I request to you Mr. Notary to have in consideration that for the effects of executing  any notary document or public deed,  the foreign national in Colombia must identify him/herself with a valid colombian cédula de extranjería or a current valid passport”

Taken from the website of Superintendencia de Notariado y registro:

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