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Why so many American and European men are getting Married to Hispanic Women
This is a condensation from one of the more popular marriage web sites


Hispanic women are very loving, passionate, happy and content companions. Many live with their parents until they are married which is considered very sacred to them. At an early age, they learn from their mothers how important it is to be a good and loving wife, mother and homemaker.

Most single Hispanic women from Central and South America are proud of their appearance, housekeeping, cooking and will make wonderful loving mothers. Plus, they universally love to sing and dance. Being treated with respect is very important. Having and enjoying a good family life is more important than careers, personal or material success.

As a general rule you won’t find a more passionate or devoted marriage partner. Strong family values are the center of her search to find a man who will not abuse her, a man who will be honest, faithful and love her.


Many are professionals with university degrees. A very high percentage have high school degrees.


Most are conservative and unspoiled women who are ready to fully devote themselves to marriage. They have strong family ties, but once they have found the right man, the man of their dreams, they will follow him to the end of earth.


Many Hispanic men are what is referred to as “machistas” who mistreat “their woman”, including beatings! Machistas have little time for their wives or children preferring to stay out drinking all night while chasing and bedding other women as the wife stays home with the babies and kids. Hispanic culture actually encourages this type of behavior. As a result, many Hispanic women have come from what we would call: dysfunctional families. Because of this, many Hispanic women have been mis-treated and are legally divorced. If they have children, it is common for the children to be taken care of and raised by the woman’s mother. This will permit the woman to work and help support her mother and her children, AND it gives her a better opportunity to find a good marriage partner! Hispanic women dream of a better life, and many are convinced that marriage to a good European or North American man will fulfill their lifelong dreams. Do not construe this to mean that they are looking for a free ride to the U. S., Canada or Europe.


More than 90% of Hispanics are Catholic, and usually the church is an important part of their lives. They will do most anything to help make their marriage successful. Bear this in mind because you should be looking for a wife to respect, to cherish, and not someone to mistreat or work like a slave. If they are mistreated they will divorce you just as fast as an American woman will!


You may be attracted to women with long dark hair, Spanish eyes, soft honey brown skin and a beautiful Spanish accent? They, however, will be attracted to you by the way you express your feelings for them, and for the security and comfort you can provide. Your looks or age are not as important as you might suspect. Your honesty and caring attention count for much more. To be with you is like a dream, don’t abuse it!


Are you looking for a woman who will love and respect you? A woman who thinks less about who you are, or the money you have, or earn? Are you tired of women who complain and seem more interested in their careers than your happiness, or taking good and loving care of the kids? The choice is yours, it’s up to you! Do you want a woman who won’t cheat on you, and who will treat you like a King? Do you want a loving wife and mother, or one who is quick to drop the kids with the sitter as she and her friends “shop till they drop”?


The above is a condensed text “lifted” from a popular Introduction Service on the Internet. Obviously it is full of generalizations, but in OHO (Our Humble Opinion) it offers a good over view of the subject.

We might add the following personal observations: The basic reasons that most Hispanic women are “different”, is obviously because of cultural and economic differences. As a Gringo living in Hispanic countries for the past ten years, I have seen the following happen many times: the groom takes his loving Hispanic bride to the States or Europe to “live happily ever after”. Within a year or so, she has “changed”, which often is followed by divorce. Did she seek change, or was she totally consumed by a crazy materialistic and hectic lifestyle of a much more competitive society?


If you are lucky enough to be “retired”, here’s something to think about: Why not consider living with your bride, in her city, in her culture, near her family, for the first year or two? With your income, even if it is modest, you will be able to live like a King here in beautiful Cartagena. At the same time you will be learning the language and cultural differences-things your bride would have to adjust to if and when you two decide to live in your home country. Sure, take her “home” for your initial visit to show your bride off to family and friends, but buy round trip tickets back to Cartagena. If the two of you initially set up your “love nest” here in Cartagena she will understand, she will be thankful, AND her friends will be amazed that you are so dedicated and in love with her that you didn’t have to quickly run back to the so called: “cushy life” of Europe or North America! In your new partnership, right from the gitgo, show her you care about her and the success of your marriage. Think about it.

DISCLAIMER: First of all, we believe the above paragraph is good advice. Secondly, if you follow it, we may be able to help you find a nice apartment or house to live in, AND as a good investment???

Is Paul Juan Cupid, devious or what???

Another aspect is the religion: most of the women have strong religious backgrounds and most are Catholic, like their parents. Because of their religious beliefs and the way they have been taught, these women do not believe in divorce and will do almost anything to make sure that they make their marriage a successful one. This is one of the most wonderful things about the culture of Latin women. Enjoy this and remember that you’re looking for a wife to respect and cherish, not a slave to mistreat. Latin women will divorce you as fast as any American woman would if they are mistreated.


They are very attracted to men with different features than those that are typical in their country. Much like your attraction to dark long hair and darker skin and that beautiful Spanish accent. They view most foreigners as well educated and extremely attractive, but far out of reach. To be with you is in many ways like a dream. This is to your advantage, don't abuse it.


The internet has changed all of that and opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Now these beautiful women are within reach and can’t wait to meet you. I know all of this is true because I met my wife this way and have never been happier. The choice is yours! Do you want a woman who will love and respect you for who you are and not how much you own or how much money you make? Do you want a woman that will not cheat on you and that will treat you like a King? Are you tired of women that always complain and are more concerned about their careers than your happiness? Would you prefer your children be raised by a loving mother who will teach them family values, or one who can’t wait to drop them off at the babysitter’s while she goes out Shopping with her friends? Our web site introduce you these exceptional Latin ladies who want to join their lives in a sacred marriage with a man like you. We stay in contact with them and they are ALL real and are ALL looking for Marriage. It’s up to you now to take the first step forward in finding the woman you want for wife. Write them now and see how it can change your life forever.


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