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By James Bone-Broker and Jr. Partner with Paul

It's been more than 8 years since Paul Juan entered full time, in the realty business. I'm proud to say I was Paul's first client. Thankfully the sale went smooth as silk! Here's how it happened.

Paul and I were in the Barrio Laguito, selling Home Pages for our Portal: I had been renting and now I wanted to buy my own small apartment. We (Paul) learned there was an interesting property just down the street.

After 15 years I have learned that a trusted Latino friend should always handle the big ticket items. I sat down under a shade tree and Paul walked ahead to check it out. Paul got the price and owner details from the front desk, and inspected the apartment. Returning in time for me to drink a cold beer, he told me what he had learned. Knowing and trusting Paul, I liked what I had heard. I told Paul I wanted to make an offer! He went back, phoned the seller, who agreed to accept my 10% discounted offer, and they verbally confirmed the deal.

Only then, did I finally see the apartment. I FELT GREAT, and as remember thinking to myself, "if this thing closes it will be the smoothest sale I've ever seen"! The next day the Seller received my earnest deposit.

The closing went like clockwork. I paid Paul the standard 3% concession! And this is how Paul made his first real estate sale!

The next morning Paul told me that he talked it over with his wife, and then said: "I want to learn how to sell real estate”. You don't need a license to sell realty in Colombia, so Paul was off and running. Paul made me a Jr. Partner. Since then Paul has sold small apartments, like mine, costing less than $50,000 U.S., right on up to properties costing more than $2,000,000 (two million u.s. dollars). Over the years I have observed that Paul's word and his dedication is the same, irregardless of the amount of the property.

If I was on my own I never would have found, and negotiated my apartment, but Paul, as a third generation Cartagenero knows the contacts, both the rich and poor alike.

About half of Paul's clients speak English. Now, with his real estate license he is able, with professional authority, explain differences between the way things are done here as opposed "back home". With this, and his excellent English, an I.T. degree at L.S.U., (Lousiana State University) and two years in law here in Cartagena, Paul has demonstrated that he is a successful, hard working, qualified. realty professional.

There have been many times when I have seen both Buyer's and Seller's alike, refer their friends and business associates, to Paul Juan.

James Bone

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